B20 Turkey Chair

Rifat Hisarcıklıoğlu
Rifat HisarcıklıoğluB20 Turkey Chair

Turkey has officially assumed the presidency of B20 as of December 1st, 2014. It is an honor for the Turkish business world to represent the global business community through such an effective international platform.In a similar manner to the past years, we aim to bring CEOs, business leaders, economy pundits, and global thinkers together under the B20 umbrella to discuss business priorities and deliver recommendations to G20 leaders.The B20 2015 scope takes shape under the three pillars—continuity, connectivity, and inclusivity—which will lead the work of the B20 2015 in a more systematic way, connected to past presidencies and inclusive of both  “G20 countries – non-G20 countries” on the one hand, and “multinational corporations – SMEs” on the other.B20 Turkey is determined to utilize the vast wealth of knowledge collected in the previous B20 Presidencies. In accordance to the vision of B20 Turkey, this year’s taskforces will follow in the footsteps of previous themes: trade, infrastructure and investment, financing growth, employment, and anti-corruption. Moreover, this year we have established a new taskforce on SMEs and entrepreneurship with the aim of enhancing the visibility and impact of SMEs on the B20 platform.

Besides the work of taskforces, B20 Turkey will hold regional consultation forums for taking the pulse of business leaders from different regions around the world.

I believe that a year full of opportunities for shaping global economic governance and a productive B20 cycle is ahead of us. With your contribution, the B20 Turkey Presidency will improve the links between G20 and B20. Together with the B20 Turkey Executive Committee, I look forward to working with you throughout the B20 Turkish presidency.