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Digital Economy

Digital Economy:

Importance of Digital Economy

Today, we live in an age where a significant part of our daily habits occur online.  As customers, we check for interesting content online and engage in financial transactions on our smartphones.  As a business community, we make room for our products and services in the digital realm and we search for potential customers by analyzing customers’ trends with the help of digital tools and decision-making models. The digital landscape lowers the costs of entering markets and offers new marketing and management tools.  Not only does the business community benefit from the digital environment, but successful best practices in e-governance save time for government officials and increase efficiencies for the more formal economic sector.  Yet, as much as the digital economy introduces an easier platform for doing business, it also brings about some heretofore unseen challenges.

B20 Conference on Digital Economy

October 5-6, 2015

The B20 Turkey Conference on Digital Economy will discuss opportunities and challenges by bringing together important players in the business, governmental, and intellectual communities.  During the event, some of the most significant questions and issues that all players of the digital economy will face will be discussed. These discussions will contribute to the final edition of the B20 Policy Paper on Digital Economy.