Food Security and Nutrition

Food Security and Nutrition

Importance of Food Security and Nutrition

The world’s food security and sustainable food systems are becoming increasingly important topics globally, as demand for food is increasing due to population growth and emerging middle class needs.  Hence, current practices threaten the supply of food and nutrition for current and future generations.  According to recent studies, one third of all of the food produced globally is lost along supply chains.  To complicate things more, some of our current trade and farming practices put unsustainable pressure on the planet’s soil and water, drive up food prices, and introduce environmental hazards.

Refined, responsible, and more environmental-friendly economic and trade models to reflect issues in food loss and waste, infrastructure needs, nutrition, hunger, and price volatility, along with innovative solutions in agriculture and better data collection in the digital age are needed.  Better roles for small- and medium enterprises are also necessary.

B20 Conference on Food Security and Nutrition

B20 Turkey will organize the Conference on Food Security on May 8, 2015 to bring very important issues in food security and nutrition to productive and inclusive discussion, by bringing together prominent members of the business and political communities.