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Infrastructure and Investment

Infrastructure and Investment

World-wide, infrastructure projects account for approximately $9 trillion of spending annually and are the foundation upon which further economic growth occurs. However, global infrastructure spending is projected to face a funding gap of $15-20 trillion over the course of the next 15 years. The increasing level and expanding nature of international investment flows speak to the recognition by host governments — particularly in developing markets — of the critical contribution of international investors to sustainable development.

With that in mind, B20 Turkey continued the Infrastructure & Investment priority area pursued under the Australian presidency.  The taskforce is dedicated to the study and promotion of policies beneficial to the advancement of infrastructure as an asset class. It is also working toward creating a sound, predictable set of rules to govern foreign private sector investments.

This year, the Infrastructure & Investment Taskforce has close to 190 members, and has the following leadership structure:

Leadership Structure

Coordinating Chairs
  • Mr. Ferit F. Şahenk – Chairman of Dogus Group
  • Mr. Fu Chengyu – Former Chairman of Sinopec Group
  • Krill Dmitriev – CEO of Russian Direct Investment Fund
  • Marcus Wallenberg – Chairman of Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken
  • Nabil Habayeb – President & CEO MENAT GE
  • David Thodey – CEO of Telstra Corporation
  • Francesco Starace – CEO and General Manager of ENEL
  • Zhi Ying – Vice President & Chief Brand Officer of Tsinghua Tongfang Co., Ltd.
Knowledge Partner
  • McKinsey & Company
Business Network Partner
  • The World Economic Forum (WEF)

In light of B20 Turkey’s focus on continuity and implementation, the policy development process began by reviewing last year’s recommendations. The taskforce is actively discussing which recommendations to prioritize and which new recommendations to include. Each recommendation is researched and debated within the taskforce as part of the process for generating a final list of recommendations.

The Infrastructure & Investment Taskforce is now compiling a short list of issues it is going to highlight and make recommendations for at the G20 summit. These issues can be grouped in three broad areas:


  • Development of national infrastructure strategies linked to national growth aspirations
  • Improvement of the investment ecosystem and setting the basis for infrastructure as an asset class
  • Promotion and protection of cross-border investments


To advance these causes, the taskforce is currently collecting input from dozens of international business leaders and experts. Taskforce members also continue to test the feasibility of each recommendation with policy-makers in their countries. These recommendations are intended to help and guide policymakers world-wide who are committed to fostering social and economic growth in their respective countries.

Distribution of Members

Schedule of Meetings

Date Location Theme
9 February İstanbul Kick Off Meeting
9 March Teleconference 1st Taskforce Teleconference
17 April Washington, D.C. 1st Joint Taskforce Meeting
2 June Paris 2nd Joint Taskforce Meeting
6 July Teleconference 2nd Taskforce Teleconference
3-5 September Ankara B20 Conference
14-15 November Antalya B20 Summit