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SMEs and Entrepreneurship

SMEs and Entrepreneurship

SMEs and entrepreneurs act as vital forces for innovation, economic growth and job creation across the world. SMEs employ more than two thirds of the global private sector workforce, and provide more than 80% of net job growth. Digital technologies are removing traditional barriers to expansion and are enabling SMEs to enter new and bigger markets using agility and flexibility to compete. Given their importance, the Turkish B20 Presidency has introduced the SMEs & Entrepreneurship Task Force this year with the intent of addressing the biggest existing challenges and obstacles for SMEs in today’s economic environment.

 Leadership Structure
Coordinating Chairs
  • Melih Yurter, Board Member of Afyon Energy
  • Mary Andringa, CEO & Chair of the Board Vermeer Corporation
  • Göktekin Dinçerler, Director at Turkven Private Equity
  • Diane Wang, Founder and CEO Dhgate.com
  • Pierre Nanterme, Chairman and CEO of Accenture
Knowledge Partner
  • Accenture
Business Network Partner
  • The World Economic Forum (WEF)

The SMEs & Entrepreneurship Task Force has 110 members, comprised mostly of entrepreneurs, senior executives from small-to-medium-sized businesses, and representatives of business associations. The task force has received assistance from those organizations along with in-depth project support from its knowledge partner, Accenture. The task force’s membership is broadly representative of G20 countries.

The Task Force believes that the following four issues capture the main challenges that SMEs and Entrepreneurs are facing:

  • Access to international markets
  • Access to finance
  • Access to skills and talent
  • Access to innovation ecosystems and the digital economy

The Turkey B20 Task Force on SMEs & Entrepreneurship will expand on the foundations developed during the Australia G20/B20 Summits, which emphasized the importance of SMEs and entrepreneurship. Furthermore, the B20 has endorsed the development of the ‘World SME Forum’ (WSF), which was introduced recently as an important implementation arm and mechanism to ensure continuity in addressing the challenges and problems of SMEs in a multilateral fashion.

Distribution of Members

Schedule of Meetings

Date Location Theme
6 March İstanbul Kick Off Meeting
25 March Teleconference Call 1st Taskforce Teleconference
16-17 April Washington, D.C. First joint Taskforce meeting
13 May Teleconference Call 2nd Taskforce Teleconference
2 June OECD, Paris 2nd Joint Taskforce Meeting
9 July Teleconference Call 3rd Taskforce Teleconference
3-5 September Istanbul B20 Conference
14-15 November Antalya B20 Summit